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The Mama Behind Hip Green Baby

I started HGB in 2008.  I have a passion for mommies and babies.  I KNOW the days can be long, Friends.  I have seven kids that range from 20’s down to toddler.  So, I have experienced a bunch!  But, I also know that the years fly by!  I want to support you on your mommy journey in any way that I can.  HGB is about so much more than Amber necklaces!  <3

Hip Green Mama


About My Amber

My amber is harvested in Lithuania (The Baltic Region).  It is strung onto silk threading by local Lithuanian mommies.  It is VERY important to me that the products I sell have been constructed with integrity.  I LOOOVVEE mommies helping mommies all over the world!  I have included a digital copy of the Certification of Authenticity on my website.  Knowing that these Certificates are only regulated in the country mentioned…I am crazy about hand testing every batch of amber I receive.  (Even though my supplier and I have a great relationship and I trust them fully…I still test.)  You can rest assured every piece of amber from HGB is pure and very quality.