Baltic Amber Collar for Pets

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How does Baltic Amber support your pet’s health?

1. Aromatic repellent Amber is a fossilized tree resin which contains aromatic chemicals called terpenes which effervesce when amber is heated or rubbed and produce a resinous aroma. When the pet wears the stones on its neck, the friction from their fur will absorb the resinous smell coming from the amber. Resinous aromatic terpenes that are released and absorbed in the animal’s fur repel ticks and fleas. Although these parasites do not have a nose but they do have a Haller organ which helps the tick to perceive the smell a potential victim. In nature tree sap works the exactly the same – when a tree bleeds, it bleeds a sticky sap to protect itself from insects and fungus.

2. Electrostatic repellent Static electrical charge is generated when Amber is rubbed against the fur. Naturally a cat or a dog doesn’t feel it but every tick that comes in contact with the electrical charged fur gets an electric shock and just falls off. This static electricity effect was discovered by the ancient Greeks, which originally gave the name of amber to the mysterious stone found on the coast of Baltic Sea – Amber in Greek means electron.


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